Our Purpose

At the core all that is Kgotso, is a passion for Christ. We are inspired by His example to love people and are driven by His compassion for people – ourselves included. We are motivated by His desire to reach all who are lost.

The Kgotso Foundation strives to see God's Kingdom grow in local communities by focusing on solutions to prevalent issues in the following key areas: 

  • Societal
    • Bridging racial divides
    • Alleviating the poverty gap
  • Individual
    • Restoring personal identities with hope and purpose
    • Renewing a sense of thankfulness

We hope to help in building a society where all people, irrespective of their creed or background, intentionally build bridges to cross social divides as is evoked by a gratitude towards Jesus Christ. 


We aim to achieve tangible success by forming strategic alliances with organizations like Paradigm Shift and Common Good. These groundbreaking institutions connect us to individuals with great potential, but for the reasons encompassed by our ideology, do not have access to resources in order to pursue their dreams. 

We are selective in pursuing these partnerships in order to maximize the impact that may be achieved in our focus areas. We are eager to be involved in and aim to uplift:

  • A - Those who have had minimal access to adequate opportunities in life
  • B - Communities where deep social divides exist

Our model aims to empower by means of:

  • Dicipleship
  • Mentorship
  • Skills development
  • Financial assistance


We have been placed in amazing relationships with individuals such as Rashiwe Mandizha. Rashiwe imports indigenous products from other African countries to sell to those who are missing their home and with some assistance has managed to scale her business so as to reach more people. She was the first person we partnered with through Paradigm Shift.

As a partial catalyst for our foundation we grew in relationship with our latest director, Themba Nombewu, after initially journeying with him through a similar platform. Themba initially worked as a security guard but mentioned a sincere desire to work closer with people in his workplace. Themba is now a head barista working towards owning his own coffee business.

A unique focus of the foundation is the desire to bear long term relationships in mind. Themba eagerly mentions the sense of community and fellowship within the Kgotso Foundation as its most valuable assets. His involvement also adds a valuable perspective into the desires and thoughts of those partners we wish to empower.


The fact that you are reading our words is already a step in the right direction – for all of us.

Hopefully, this stems from a desire to be involved in helping the Kgotso Foundation achieve its desired purpose. This is certainly good news. We are always seeking to partner with the right individuals so as to realize our goals and ultimately glorify God. At this point in your journey, one of the following key areas may describe your ability to become involved:


You may know of someone that will benefit from the structures we have in place or better yet, you may be that person


You may have an existing platform that is conducive to assisting prospective partners in achieving their goals


You may be endeavoring to achieve similar goals and have advice or queries on the way forward. 


You may have been searching for ways to apply yourself to or invest in community building and/or mentorship. This may be one such opportunity.